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TERBITAN JURNAL Category: VOL. 13 Nomor 1, APRIL 2017
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Heldina Pristanti

( Staf Pengajar Jurusan Administrasi Bisnis Politeknik Negeri Samarinda)




Reading habit is considered as a continuous process that needs some willingness and great effort for the students to improve their reading ability. Concerning with this the researcher has attracted to investigate whether there is a significant relationship between the students’ reading habit and their reading comprehension. There are three major issues covered in this research. The first one is to investigate the students’ reading habit. Second, this research is also to investigate the students’ reading comprehension. Third, this present research also reveals the correlation between the students’ reading habit and reading comprehension. The mixed method was applied in this research.There were three instruments utilized here: the students’ reading habit questionnaire and the students’ TOEFL reading comprehension score. The research was conducted in Samarinda State polytechnic. To validate the 37 Indonesian of reading habit questionnaire was given to 22 students of “Diploma-IV” students randomly. The result of the try-out questionnaire shows that the Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient is 0.961 which means that this scale is valid and reliable to be used in collecting the data. The real questionnaire was given to 217 “Diploma-IV” Accounting Managerial Study Program students’ of Samarinda State Polytechnic. The findings revealed that the students like reading in their leisure time and reading is indispensable part of life. They like borrowing books from the library and reading academic/scientific book. The students also stated that reading has good effects such as it positively affects their success during the exam time, it  can enhance their mental capacity, and it is a channel for gaining a real world knowledge. Pearson Product Moment Correlation shows significantly positive correlation between reading habit and reading comprehension (measured by TOEFL score) (r = 0.087, p >0.05). This research was only investigated about the students’ reading habit and reading comprehension and also their significant relationship. It would be more interesting and useful if there will be some future researcher that can investigate the factor and the dominant factor that influence the students’ reading habit and reading comprehension. And the implication of this research is the students need to improve their reading habit especially reading academic book in spite of reading comic, novel, magazine or any other kind of book.

Keywords:   Reading Habit, Reading Comprehension

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