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Noor Alam Hadiwijaya


Jurusan Teknologi Informasi Politeknik Negeri Samarinda

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In an organization, institution or government and private agencies that provide public services, requiring the issuance of an information system and effective to handle errors that often occur in the issuance process, which in fact is still the need for management to administrative correspondence particular decree.

Information System of Decree Based on Web is a system within an organization that will support decision-making processes and policies that will taken by those who carry the responsibility in accordance with the decree has been issued. By using information systems of decree based on web is expected to improve the performance of an organization to be more effective and efficient, which in turn accelerates the process of decision-making or policy.

By applied the information systems of decree based on web will be obtained the expected results as simplify and expedite the process of issuance of the decree to those entitled to receive the letter, so as to achieve energy efficiency, space and time and simplify both in making and in providing information associated with the issuance of the decree and show through the website.


Keywords: Information System, Decree, Web.

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