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Didi Susilo Budi Utomo


Jurusan Teknik Elektro – Politeknik Negeri Samarinda,

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One way of flow  energy utilization of water is run-of-river system (river water flow system), known as the MHP (Micro Hydro Power Plant). Conditions of East Kalimantan province rich with rivers branching the have potential for the construction of MHP. Determining the Intake location for the Powerhouse is one of the critical factors as they relate directly to estimate the potential power awakened.

The proposed solution is to use a geographical map approach in which digital data is processed satellite imagery so as to obtain the optimum intake location. In this study, the map of DEM (Digital Evelation Model) East Kalimantan in 1018'07 '' N, 114020'46 '' E-clip in the 0.0010 - 10S, 1160 - 116.9990E as PFI (Potential Feature Image). Of PFI, chosen Catchment Area at 0.3850 - 0.4150S, 116 220 - 116.250E as ROI (Region Of Interest). Each color represents a certain quantity (slope, elevation, gradient). Coding in a particular way on River & Terrain Layer obtained from the ROI will produce representations Flow Direction.

By apply multiplication techniques at each layer of cells that have been encoded going to produce some choice of cells with a specific value in the region of the river flowed. The highest value chosen as the point of optimum intake location.

Keywords : MHP, intake, powerhouse, DEM, ROI, Layer, Flow Direction

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