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Farindika Metandi
Dosen Jurusan Teknologi Informasi Politeknik Negeri Samarinda

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Decision Support Systems or DSS is a form of management information system that is specifically designed to support planners and stakeholders in decision making. DSS can reflect various concepts of decision-making from different conditions, and will be very useful for semi-structured or unstructured problems where the decision-making process enhanced by an interactive dialogue between the DSS with the user. The main advantages of DSS is its ability to utilize computer systems to assist decision makers in studying the problem and took measures, and improve understanding of the environmental conditions in which the policy will be applied to access the data and models that are useful for decision-making. DSS is used to develop and evaluate a variety of alternative solutions to gain an understanding of the issues.

The results of this research is an interactive application that can be used by users to assist in the selection of motorcycles. the application of this research was built using Visual Basic and Ms.Access. based of trial is known that this application is able to provide an alternative sequence of motorcycles, which can help decision makers to buy a motorcycle.

Keyword : DSS, Decision Support System, Interactive Application