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Dadang Suherman
Dosen Jurusan Teknik Elektro Politeknik Negeri Samarinda
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Water is a major requirement in the daily life of humans, animals and plants. Clean water is a factor supporting public health both in quality and quantity. Water that can be used for everyday purposes must meet the standards of good water quality. Raw water used in the production of clean water is water from rivers and artesian well water. In the process of the previous production, in order to produce the desired result of clean water there is an activity of water into the drug mixing raw materials in the water tank. Activities undertaken are monotonous and routine work and this work is usually done manually with a hired staff to do the mixing at certain times. One of the most serious problems of water quantity problems, namely how much water is needed for the drug treated water to produce clean water as desired. This research will apply a method of fuzzy-based on control system. The parameters which will be used in this process include 2 main parameters, namely acidity (pH), and turbidity of water. From the results of experiments conducted, showed that the fuzzy control system is easier and more flexible in making its design, and requires no mathematical equation for the transfer function at the plant, because the system of fuzzy logic decision-making of humans who are placed on the knowledge based on fuzzy system.

Keywords: control system of fuzzy, fuzzy control applications


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